STEP# 5 of the L'EILY Professional Cold Wax System. This final step is mainly for those who experience more than usual discomfort, for those with sensitaive skin-If you are among the sensitive skin types, this cooling and soothing Cucumber-Aloe Gel is specially formulated for you! Apply it liberally (following Step#4) if you are experiencing redness and further discomfort and allow it to set a few moments before smoothing it over irritated area.  **NOTE: if you still feel discomfort following the Cucumber-Aloe Gel it is suggested you make a cool compress with L'EILY or Botanical Escapes Step#4-ASTRIGENT) it is formulated with additional Chammomile ***** KEEP REFRIGERATED for best results***

Botanical Escapes-Step#4

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  • For ultimate cooling & soothing keep refrigerated. For more than usual redness from waxing apply a compress with this solution. Leave on skin 3-5 minutes. Follow with Cucumber-Aloe moisturizing gel.

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“While millions have turned to laser, waxing, and electrolysis, others have opted for sugaring, a sweeter version of hair removal that uses a sugar paste instead of wax.”

  • For women, too much body hair can really hurt,

“After a while, sugaring can damage the follicle causing the hair to stop growing, or it comes back finer and less frequently.”

“Sugaring, a natural method that’s kinder to the skin than a good alternative.”

  • The Skinny On Sugaring,

  • Ow! Beware of bikini wax mishaps,

“Water-soluble ‘sugar’ products made from a sugar and water base are less sticky than traditional wax, so any excess washes off with water. They’re also gentler on sensitive skin.”

  • Pros and Cons of DIY Waxing,