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JUMBO COMBO KIT INCLUDES (3) < 5LB > Jars of L'EILLY Wax in Thin, Medium & Thick/Coarse Hair Formulas. <Includes EVERYTHING the professional waxer would need to provide any type of waxing service application >


Jumbo Combo Kit

SKU: 019-JC
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 1. ( 3 ) 8oz. bottles of L'EILY  Pre-Wax SanitizerFor cleaning the skin& hair to be removed prior to applying the wax. < sterile cleansing pads included for application >

    2. ( 3 ) 8oz.bottles of L'EILY Powder (crushed grain-NO talc) for drying the hair & skin prior to waxing.

    3.  L'EILY Cold Wax  ( 3) < 5lb. >Jars-(Thin, Medium AND Thick/Coarse hair formulas). Which can be used warm or cold-(if wax is kept at 75'F or warmer)

    4. (3) bottles of L'EILY Astringent (Post-Wax) Step #4

    5. (3) bottles of L'EILY Cucumber-Aloe Gel (Post-Wax) Step #5  

    6. (50) Eyebrow Arching Sticks (3" orange wood)

    7. (50) Applicators (wooden)

    8. (50) Non-Woven Facial Strips (or  Muslin)

    9. (50) Non-Woven Body Strips (or Muslin)

    10. (50 Large & (50) Small Portion Cups

    11. (3) Stainless Steel Applicators

    12. Instructional DVD

    13. Step by Step Instructions

  • Returns must have company approval within 10-days of invoice date. ONLY defective product orders will be replaced free of charge. Freight charges are NOT covered for all other approved returns or exchanges

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