L'EILY is easy to use as it has the consistency of "Peanut Butter", no spilling, and is water soluble so if you should get some of our cold wax on a surface other than your client simply wash away with water (warm preferably()

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L'EILY Cold Wax Jar

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  • (STEP #3)

    L'EILY COLD WAX (STEP #3) is part of the L'EILY Professional Cold Wax Systems. L'EILY Cold Wax ( in Thin, Medium or Thick/Coarse hair formulas) is Easy to use, Easy to Cleanup-(as it is water soluble) and LEAVES YOUR SKIN SMOOTH AS SILK-Absolutely Beautiful!!! L'EILY Cold Wax (when used as directed) last 4-6 weeks till rewaxing is needed! How Luxurious!

“While millions have turned to laser, waxing, and electrolysis, others have opted for sugaring, a sweeter version of hair removal that uses a sugar paste instead of wax.”

  • For women, too much body hair can really hurt, MSNBC.com

“After a while, sugaring can damage the follicle causing the hair to stop growing, or it comes back finer and less frequently.”

“Sugaring, a natural method that’s kinder to the skin than waxing...is a good alternative.”

  • The Skinny On Sugaring, CBS4.com

  • Ow! Beware of bikini wax mishaps, Today.MSNBC.com

“Water-soluble ‘sugar’ products made from a sugar and water base are less sticky than traditional wax, so any excess washes off with water. They’re also gentler on sensitive skin.”

  • Pros and Cons of DIY Waxing, WebMD.com