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L'EILY COMPLETE 'JUMBO' KIT: Includes EVERYTHING you would need to successfully wax yourself or a customer!!! 

L'EILY Complete 'Jumbo' Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Kit Includes: *Step#1- 8oz.-L'EILY Pre-Wax Sanitizer/Cleanser, *Step#2-1-8oz.-Pre-Wax Drying Powder (NO talc),*Step#3-5lb/80oz-Tub L'EILY Cold Wax (your choice of wax formuls: Thin/regular, Medium, Coarse/thick),*Step#4-8oz-Post-Wax Soothing Anteseptic Solution/Astringent,*Step#5-8oz.-Post-Wax Cucumber-Aloe Gel (Reduces redness) Great for Sensitive Skin,*5-Body Waxing Strips(3"x9"),*5-Facial Waxing Strips (1"x3"),*2-Body Applicators,*2-Eyebrow Arching Sticks,*Solution application pads,* Portion Cups,*STEP by STEP Instructions.

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