Step #5-(After Waxing for Sensitive Skin) L'EILY Cucumber-Aloe Moisturizing Gel is one of the most cooling and soothing gels for reducing skin irritation after waxing. This superb skillfully balanced blend of Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Natural Herbs cools, soothes, & replenishes the necessary moisture for healthy skin after epilatory waxing. Especially recommended for sensitive skin!

L'EILY Cucumber-Aloe Moisturizing Gel

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  • (Step #5) L'EILY Cucumber-Aloe Gel is an After-Wax regiment encouraged for extra soothing following Step #4. It is formulated especially for Sensitive Skin Types. Can also be used on mild burns at home.

“While millions have turned to laser, waxing, and electrolysis, others have opted for sugaring, a sweeter version of hair removal that uses a sugar paste instead of wax.”

  • For women, too much body hair can really hurt,

“After a while, sugaring can damage the follicle causing the hair to stop growing, or it comes back finer and less frequently.”

“Sugaring, a natural method that’s kinder to the skin than a good alternative.”

  • The Skinny On Sugaring,

  • Ow! Beware of bikini wax mishaps,

“Water-soluble ‘sugar’ products made from a sugar and water base are less sticky than traditional wax, so any excess washes off with water. They’re also gentler on sensitive skin.”

  • Pros and Cons of DIY Waxing,