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L’eily Pre-Wax Drying Powder is a simple, slightly granulated blend , of natural crushed grains and powders designed to ensure that the hair and the area to be waxed are absolutely dry for effective hair removal, especially in sensitive areas, such as upper lips, underarms, the bikini area, etc. This powder also serves as a barrier between the wax and the skin, so that the skin is not pulled as much during epilation, therefore less pain. This powder is also an effective absorbent of perspiration even for babies. For some individuals, it is an effective after-wax to calm the skin and to tone down redness.

L'EILY Pre-Wax Drying Powder

SKU: 0002
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  • (STEP #2) L'EILY POWDER: PRE-WAX STEP. If you don't use L'EILY Powder (Step#2) Be sure that the powder you decide as a substitute does NOT have ANY talc, nor ANY oils in it-ie: babypowder (oily), as it will affect poorly the outcome of the waxing procedure.

  • Returns must have company approval within 10-days of invoice date. ONLY defective product orders will be replaced free of charge. Freight charges are NOT covered for all other approved returns or exchanges

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