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Combo kits are perfect for hair removal at home or for the professional! Everything you need is included in this kit including ALL (3) hair formulas! Hair removal from head to toe and everything in between!

Small Combo Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 1. 8oz. bottle of L'EILY  Pre-Wax SanitizerFor cleaning the skin& hair to be removed prior to applying the wax.

    2. 8oz.bottle of L'EILY Powder (crushed grain-NO talc) for drying the hair & skin prior to waxing.

    3.  L'EILY Cold Wax ( 3) < 6oz > Jars-(Thin, Medium AND Thick/Coarse hair formulas). Which can be used warm or cold-(if wax is kept at 75'F or warmer)

    4. (2) Eyebrow Arching Sticks (3" orange wood)

    5. (2) Applicators (wooden)

    6. (5) Non-Woven Facial Strips

    7. (2-5) Non-Woven Body Strips

    8. (3) Large & (5) Small Portion Cups

    9. Stainless Steel Applicator

    9. Instruction Sheet


  • Returns must have company approval within 10-days of invoice date. ONLY defective product orders will be replaced free of charge. Freight charges are NOT covered for all other approved returns or exchanges

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