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- About Cold Wax -



L’eily Cold Wax

Can be used Cold or Warm

Water Soluble

Natural Ingredients

Clean, Easy, and No Smell

No Wait Time

No Burns,

No Germs, or Chemical Side-Effects


Fast and Smooth

No Residue


Other Waxes

 Needs to be Heated

Not Water Soluble

Chemical Ingredients

Messy and Odorous

Must Wait, then Rush

RISKY: Heat Burns,

Germs, and Chemical Side-Effects

Very Expensive

Time Consuming and Complex

Leaves Residue

Causes Irritated Skin 

Needs Electrical Outlet 

Why  Choose 

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Cold sugar waxing, which began in the ancient Middle East and later became popular in Europe, is breaking new grounds in the United States. L'Eily Natural Cold Sugar Wax is one of the most advanced professional methods of waxing available today.  It can be used cold or warm and is water-soluble.  It is made from all-natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives.  It is a natural, hypo-allergenic, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free wax.


"It's the professional's waxers' dream come true," says Dr. Ben Paki of San Diego, California based Cold Wax Co. and the originator of L'Eily natural Cold Wax System.


One of the most important features of this Cold Sugar Wax System is that it is "probably" the only sanitary professional waxing system in the world.  In every other waxing system, the same pot of wax or the same wax or roll-on is used on all customers.  In this manner, the wax is continually contaminated with different customers' germs.


However, this is not true with the L'Eily Cold Wax System.  Due to consistency of this wax and the use of special portion cups a fresh amount of wax is used for each individual customer, as a result, no contamination takes place.  This makes the L'Eily Cold Wax System the most sanitary waxing system in the world.


The L'Eily Cold Wax unlike most others available today will rinse off quickly because the wax is water-soluble.  It is the easiest wax to clean with no mess or stickiness.  Even the waxing strips can be washed and reused for personal use.

It's the professional's waxers' dream come true!
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Made in the 

San Diego, CA

Dr. Paki says:

"The professional waxer does not have to worry about heating, spillage, consistency of the wax, burning the customer, taking any risk, and causing any harm as in the case of most hot wax systems.  L'Eily is risk-free methods of waxing."

This Cold Sugar Wax System includes eyebrow arching applicator, facial and body spatulas, a pre-wax sanitizer and powder (crushed grains), 3 consistencies of wax (thick, medium, and thin hair formulas depending on the thickness of the hair), facial and body strips, after wax astringent, cucumber moisturizing gel (for sensitive skin), and the ingrown hair reduction kit.
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