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Easy Steps to Cold Waxing

Step 1 




  1. With a piece of cotton or paper tissue, apply a generous amount of the sanitizer to clean the area for any skin treatment and especially for waxing. As a Pre-Wax Sanitizer, it is important to use it to ensure that the hair to be waxed is free of any makeup or oiliness. 

  2. With a clean, dry tissue thoroughly dry the area.

  3. Follow this with L'Eily Natural Powder #2


Step 3



  1. Clean, dry, powder area & spread wax in direction of hair growth. Use the antiseptic solution for underarm, bikini line & Brazilian.

  2. Place the strip over wax, press & slide slightly (except on eyebrows)

  3. Remove strip in opposite direction, rapidly, holding close to skin apply pressure on the waxed area. 

  4. Wash with water, apply a compress of L'Eily Astringent.



Step 2


  1. After cleansing the area to be waxed with L’Eily Sanitizer, dry the area with a piece of paper tissue or towel and apply a generous amount of L’Eily Natural Dusting Powder with your hands, fingertips, a fresh dusting pad, cotton ball, or paper tissue.

  2. DO NOT dust all the powder from the skin, but leave a light layer to remain on the skin for protection. 



Step 4


  1. To be applied after waxing is done and the wax residue is washed away from the skin.

  2. With a piece of cotton, paper tissue, Q-tip or fingertips, gently apply a generous amount of this astringent on the waxed area and blend into the skin.

  3. In case of continued redness, leave an astringent-soaked piece of cotton or paper tissue as a compress on the area for a few minutes.

  4. If irritation persists, gently rub an ice-cold compress on the area then apply L’Eily Cucumber Moisturizing Gel.



Step 5 


  1. Please keep refrigerated for an optimum cooling and soothing effect. 

  2. With clean fingertips, apply this Gel liberally over the waxed area, and allow it to set on the skin for a few minutes before rubbing it in.

And you're done!!!

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