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Hello! My name is Sheila Lackershire the salon owner of Hair’s to You in New Holstein, WI. I have owned the salon for 26 years and have been in the business for 35 years. Since owning my salon I have been a very happy customer of the Cold Wax Co.! I have always had the very best service! I always enjoyed calling min my order and speaking with the owner...very sad to hear of his passing… He ALWAYS ended the conversation with ‘THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!’


Now with the new owner, I am just as pleased and so happy the business is still open and going strong! I recently received an order that was very damaged during shipping and when I called she went THE EXTRA MILE to take care of me!!! Again, the service is AWESOME!


So, thank you for everything and I look forward to many more years doing business with Cold Wax Co. and GOD BLESS YOU!


Sheila Lackershire

Owner of Hair's to You Salon

New Holstein, WI

I found Cold Wax Co. over 8 years ago while working at another salon. I was worried I would make a mess and have it everywhere. I was able to meet Dr. Ben Paki, founder of Cold Wax Co., and was able to be trained by him, and I learned so much from him!


I found out it was water-soluble and I could wipe it off with just water. My clients love it, and they especially love that there is never any wax left over when they leave. I never have to worry about burning a client with this wax. This wax is so easy to use and it’s awesome that I’m able to use it right out of the portion cup. The ready-to-use aspect is great for walk-in clients because I don’t have to warm up the wax.


There is nothing on the market like this. Also, you can warm it up with a table lamp if you want it that way. You have to try it! They even have kits with everything you could possibly need. I will never use another wax again!


Thank you Cold Wax Co.!


Nicole Westbury

Upland, CA

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The Cold Wax Co. and I have had a great relationship over the last 15 years.  I was introduced to Cold Wax when I first became an aesthetician.  I loved it, because it's water-soluble for easy cleanup, on the body and the floor, it's easy on the skin, so less irritation, and it really gets the hairs and the results last longer than your traditional creme-based waxes or even your hard waxes, where you are seeing your aesthetician every 3 to 4 weeks with traditional waxes - with Cold Wax it's an easy 5 to 6 weeks. 


Their customer service is superb, Maureen is the best and the Cold Wax crew is Johnny on the spot when it comes to getting your orders ready. 

I will NEVER use another company!


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Kerri Boyles

Owner of Dick & Jane Waxing Salon

El Cajon, CA

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